Arrvo Coffee
Australian Inspired. LA infused.


Who are we?


In 2010 a girl flew half way around the world with a four-year-old and a dream to change up her life in the City of Angels. Naturally, the adventures that followed always involved a truck-ton (technical term) of coffee. At the same time, a fair-haired young man from the Deep South wandered into his first café, heard the hissing of a steaming espresso machine, instantly fell under the spell of good coffee begged for his first barista job.


Hunter Hoff

Hunter grew up with his military family — mom, dad and two sisters — moving around the East Coast of the US. It’s Dad’s fault! He loved coffee and Hunter’s parents would always find a way to take him to cafes wherever they were. How could this young man ever do anything else other than be the perfect barista? In 2017, Hunter moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of making coffee on the West Coast (see ya Savannah!) — he’d been slinging coffee for seven years and figured that a Southern boy could show the L.A. crowd how it’s done. He made one call on the road and an Aussie master barista picked up the phone and said ‘You’re hired!’ And that was it: he was making coffee in Los Angeles and learning how the mobile coffee business works.

Mell Arrvo Coffee.jpg

MEL Cain

Mel grew up on the golden beaches of Australia (yep, she’s the Australian part of the company and yes, she talks funny … we still don’t understand what she says all of the time) studying art and business and making a career in the rock’n’roll world of book publishing, where she worked alongside some kinda famous people and consumed copious amounts of caffeine she was ready for something different. After almost 20 years as a publicist she packed it all up and headed to L.A., to reinvent herself in the coffee world. Serendipitously she called up the same Aussie master barista that Hunter did (but she got there first!) and after he showed her a thing or two behind an espresso machine, away she went.

By 2017 Hunter and Mel had found each other and were both working hard at making the perfect espresso drinks in L.A. and educating those near and far about their passion for all things coffee in the process. Hunter and Mel decided that two minds — and two sets of hands — were better than one so they hatched Arrvo Coffee in 2019. A melding of twin loves of coffee all ways, always and everyday.